Dollymix Studios is an independent fashion brand based in the United Kingdom. Dollymix is an ironic, childish approach to streetwear which symbolises childhood toys, poor drawings and early stages of creativity. Since its birth, the brand has grown immensely and has been worn and featured out of choice by the likes of Kylie Jenner's best friend and supermodel, Stassiebaby, through to rising social media stars such as Jess Alexander and Kate Elisabeth. In summer 2019, the brand successfully opened a pop up store in Soho, a childhood dream of Rohan’s [Founder], where they were welcomed by a queue of keen shoppers and a memory the designer will never forget.

In Summer 2017, Rohan Misra (aka Sillyro), made his concepts into a reality at age 16 after having learned from a previous brand he had started with friends back in 2015. Having made enough money from a day job to fund the project, he sourced garments from various suppliers across the globe until he found what he was looking for. The brand name was inspired by indie/alternative band Dolly and the Dinosaur, the band in which the designer, Rohan, is the drummer of today. He wanted to come up with something ironic/childish [Dollymix] whilst also maintaining a sense of quality and creativity [Studios]. 

Rohan is currently a 1st year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Nottingham. Despite the Engineering/Dollymix work balance, he has aspirations of incorporating his findings from engineering study into his designs and creative output in the near future. Him and a business partner from school are currently working on a new creative project, Dollymix Projects, which will allow the duo to work on their DJ careers as well as release exclusive, limited pieces. They say the project ‘Sits on the blurred line between Fashion, Music and Art’.